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Bathroom Wallpaper Inspiration and Sources to Replicate the Look Yourself

Wallpaper is a simple and fun way to completely transform a room, but it is a bit of a commitment. It's not like a patterned throw pillow that you can swap out once you're tired of the pattern. This is why many interior designers recommend selecting a small or transient space for adding a bold or busy pattern. This is also a reason bathrooms and entryways are great candidates for getting creative and adding your personal touch with wallpaper. Another bonus is that the right wallpaper can make a small space feel much bigger.

We've rounded up some of the chicest wallpapered powder rooms from around the web to provide you with inspiration, and we sourced 18 wallpaper options for every budget (and level of commitment - some are removable!) so you can replicate the look yourself.

Feeling inspired enough to try out the wallpaper trend on your own? Here are some beautiful options on the top of our list!

one | two | three | four | five | six


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