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Marble Kitchen Accessories

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While nothing quite beats the clean and classic look of beautiful white Carrara marble countertops, it's no secret that marble has its drawbacks.  Not only is it one of the more expensive materials to work with, but it's also notoriously difficult to maintain. Even people that regularly wipe down their countertops may find it difficult to prevent the water stains and yellowing discoloration that can result from frequent use.

But just because marble countertops may not be in the cards, doesn't mean you can't find other creative ways to bring the sleek look and texture of warm white marble into your kitchen. There are so many opportunities to incorporate marble with kitchen accessories, and to give you some inspiration - we've rounded up twelve beautiful options, from soap dishes to fruit bowls.

If you're someone that only likes to accessorize with practical items, consider marble coasters, a marble salt cellar, or even a marble rolling pin! And if you're fond of the unique shapes that marble can take, consider candle holders or scalloped bowls (like this or this) that double as sculptural works of art.

Are you a fan of marble in kitchens? If so, have you found any other creative ways to incorporate the look in your own?


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