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Affordable Alternatives to Aesop Hand Wash

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So you've put in the effort to clean and style your bathroom and kitchen counters. You've hidden the toaster in a cabinet, folded and tucked the towels on a shelf, and maybe even layered the cutting boards in a Pinterest-worthy pattern. But as much as you want it to look pretty, these are spaces that are lived in, so they also need to be practical. Unfortunately, hiding the not so aesthetically pleasing plastic bottle of chartreuse liquid hand soap is not going to work. Soap needs to remain easily accessible (for obvious reasons), but an ugly bottle of hand soap does not need to ruin the effort you put in to styling your countertops. Instead, consider spending a few dollars more on a stylish soap dispenser that complements the space and makes every hand wash feel just a bit more luxurious.

There's no question that Aesop is the ultimate cult favorite for swanky restaurant bathrooms and interior designers alike, but with a nearly $40 price tag, it may be a bit of an unreasonable splurge for the average person just looking to upgrade from drugstore soap. If you're not ready to invest in Aesop but want a similar look, here are eighteen less expensive alternatives with similarly sleek and countertop-worthy designs.

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30 nov 2020

It gives you joy. It gives zing. It doesn’t sound you have any regrets if you use this soap. You might even regret not buying it. Well done on living life to the fullest. What's important is to read the ingredients list. Brands are one but ingredients are more important to be knowledgeable about because that's essentially what you're putting into your body.

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