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Affordable Alternatives to Sezane's Barry Cardigan

There’s something undeniably nonchalant yet irresistibly chic about French style, and the highly sought-after sweaters by Paris based cult fashion brand Sezane are no exception.  Sezane’s Barry cardigan, which originally launched in September 2017 (and has popped in and quickly out of stock since), remains in high demand today.  While the style is simple, it’s also timeless and versatile; capable of being worn with buttons in the front for a more polished look, or buttons in the back for a sultry and more casual off-the-shoulder look. It’s no wonder the sweater is so popular, but at $120 it’s certainly an investment.

If the $120 price tag isn’t enough to scare you off, perhaps rumors of the 10,00030,000, and even 50,000 person waiting list might be.  To help you get your hands on a version of the sweater, we’ve rounded up six look-a-likes – most with a more reasonable price tag, and all with a more reasonable wait time. 

one | two | three | four | five | six

We'd love to know, would you "settle" for any of these similar versions?  Have you come across any affordable alternatives to the Sezane Barry sweater that we missed?


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