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Bar Cart Inspiration and Essentials

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Bar carts might seem like an obvious and easy-to-decorate item, but in fact, they can be pretty tricky! It's tough to find the right balance between practical and aesthetically pleasing, especially when the primary items they're meant to display (bottles of liquor) are usually not very pretty. It's also easy to get carried away with relying on a bar cart as general storage, and while it can be a helpful storage solution for small space living, it's still going to be a focal point of whatever room it ends up in - so you don't want it to feel too cluttered.

To help you get started, we've rounded up six essential (and affordable) items that would serve as the perfect "base layer" for styling any bar cart.

1. a wine chiller that doubles as a vase when it's not in use

2. a beautiful decanter to replace those unsightly liquor bottles or help your wine breathe

3. a personal touch, like a photograph displayed in this lovely burl wood frame (similar)

4. special occasion glassware, like these stunning ribbed champagne coupes

5. decorative candle holders, like this simple (and super affordable!) matte black set, or a favorite scented candle

6. matches, like this strike anywhere ceramic match holder, or a collection of matchboxes from your travels

We've also rounded up a few inspiring photos of styled bar carts that strike the perfect balance between functionality and effortless elegance.


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