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Garden Inspiration and Essentials

From lush rolling gardens to charming patio planter boxes, there's something calming and inspiring about fresh air and fresh blooms. Not only is tending to a garden therapeutic, but it can offer the additional benefits of providing a tranquil space (to enjoy a good book or your morning coffee) and fresh ingredients for your home cooked meals.

Especially these days, where the safest place to spend time is your own home, starting a garden can provide a nice escape from the monotony of so much time spent indoors - and if you're currently working from home, it's a great way to take quick breaks from the work day.

If you've been thinking about starting a garden at home but don't know where to begin, we've rounded up some pretty and practical gardening essentials, and snapshots of our all time favorite gardens (both big and small!) to help inspire you.

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