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Neutral Summer Sandals

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The past few summers have brought about some interesting footwear trends: dad sneakers, Teva's, platforms, sporty sandals, and the list goes on. Since not everyone has the interest, the closet space, or the budget to invest in every fleeting fashion trend, we've rounded up twelve versatile and neutral summer sandals that can be paired with virtually any outfit.

We own these and these, and can confirm they are comfortable, cute, and true to size. If you're looking to save, these and these are great budget buys (under $25 each!) - and if you're looking to splurge on a beautiful pair that you can wear for years to come, we've had our eye on these and these (currently 40% off!) for a while.

We'd love to hear what your favorites are, and whether there are any beautiful neutral sandals that we missed!


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