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Nursery Inspiration

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Designing the perfect nursery can feel pretty intimidating. You want it to be a soothing space that makes baby feel calm and safe, but also somewhere you won't mind spending a lot of time. Opting for a calming color scheme and maximizing storage (aka minimizing clutter) are two easy ways to accomplish this.

While themes can be a lot of fun, it's also okay not to opt for a theme - there are plenty of ways to bring in some whimsy without going overboard. Consider using blankets, mobiles, and stuffed animals to subtly play into a theme rather than overcommitting with wallpaper or rugs that can be investments at the outset and expensive to replace as your baby grows and tastes may change.

We've rounded up some of our absolute favorite nurseries that have managed to strike the perfect balance between a stimulating and fun place for baby to learn and play, and a pretty and peaceful space for mom to enjoy.

Which of these spaces are you most drawn to?

Want to get the look yourself? We're here to help! Below we've rounded up some sources for the above decor, as well as a few more affordable, similar options. Click any image for the source!

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