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Romantic Holiday Home

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I know it's only early November and many people don't love the idea of "skipping" Thanksgiving, but for me, the best part of the holidays is the anticipation - and that means decorating as early as possible to enjoy the decor through the colder months! And that's especially true this year, where many companies are experiencing unprecedented shipping delays. I'm planning ahead to beat the holiday rush so that by the time December arrives my only concern will be finding the best eggnog recipe.

This year I'm going with a soft, romantic holiday home theme - focusing more on deep, rich greens and natural hues. Here are some of the items topping my "romantic holiday home" decorating list:

DIY ornament project via Lyndab.v - we'll be replicating this soon! Here are the supplies we'll be using:

What's topping your holiday decor wish list?


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