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Seasonal Shift

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I love this time of year, when everyone is settling back into post-summer routines and temperatures gradually begin to cool. Not only is it the perfect excuse to break out the chunky sweaters and fall boots, but there's something inspiring about the shifting of the seasons that makes me want to cozy up with a good cup of coffee, put on a favorite playlist, and tackle my to do list.

With summer travel winding down and autumn temperatures creeping in, this time of year also tends to place a renewed focus on "home" and creating a space I want to spend time. I finally managed to finish some home projects that I let sit all summer long (like painting my office a perfectly moody shade of green), and I'm looking forward to continuing to make my new house feel like *home* in time for our first holiday season here.

Here are a few beautiful pieces that perfectly encapsulate what I think is best described as "golden season." Have a lovely weekend!

Olive tree (I just bought one of these - pictured below - and it's adorable!)


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