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Simple Avocado Toast Recipe

An easy way to save money is to take some of your favorite weekend indulgences (I'm looking at you, brunch!) and find ways to replicate the experience at home. One of our favorite weekend treats is avocado toast, but it's easy to admit that spending $12 on two slices of toast covered in mashed fruit is not a necessary expense. Here's a simple at home recipe you can follow to give in to your cravings while cutting back your credit card statement.

Step 1: while toasting your bread or English muffin, cut avocado into thin slices

Step 2: spread avocado slices evenly on toasted bread

Step 3: drizzle olive oil over avocado slices (+ optional squeeze of lemon)

Step 4: top with freshly ground salt and pepper, a sprinkle of sesame seeds, and red pepper flakes to taste

This might seem like a pretty obvious way to cut back on weekend spending, but according to data analyzed by mobile payment company Square, Americans spend roughly $900,000 a month on avocado toast. Yes, I said month. Bon appetit!


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