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Six Fun but Subtle Halloween Decorations

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Even if you aren’t into over-the-top gore or kitschy witch decorations, there are still so many easy ways to switch up your decor and get into the Halloween "spirit." Small trinkets on the coffee table like this brass skull or a fun moody throw pillow like this moon print are great ways to incorporate Halloween into your decor without feeling like you’re living in a full on haunted house.

Another easy and affordable idea is to switch out some of the art hanging on your walls with spooky prints. We love the look of this linoleum cut mask print enough that it might just make the cut for staying on the wall year-round. And of course it wouldn't be Halloween without some decorations on the outside of the house - these bat decals on your front door or window combined with a playful doormat is the perfect fun but subtle nod to the season.

What are your favorite sources or ideas for chic Halloween decor? We'd love to hear!


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