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The Natural and Collected Home

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Color and charm are having a real renaissance in the interior design world, and I’m very much a fan.  I love a moody paint color in an office, a quirky wallpaper in a powder room, or a bold and unexpected hue in a textile.  All of these things give a space some personality.

That said, bold and colorful rooms are not for everyone.  There is something timeless and effortlessly cozy about a neutral and layered space, but just because it's neutral - doesn't mean it has to be boring. Your home is not meant to feel “staged” so it appeals to the masses; it’s meant to be a reflection of you - your family, your travels, your style, the things that bring you joy. I have to constantly remind myself that I want my home to reflect a life well lived through pieces collected thoughtfully over time.

If you're someone that's typically drawn to neutral spaces, a great way to infuse warmth and charm into a space is through earthy textures (like this terracotta vase or this Moroccan inspired planter), nature inspired accents (rattan or seagrass baskets, placemats, pendants), and incorporating playful patterns and shapes on smaller objects (like this sweet butter dish or these scalloped wooden bowls).

If you're on team neutral home, what are your favorite ways to infuse warmth and charm?


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