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Spring Romance

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It feels like we're in a strange sort of limbo right now - no longer stuck at home, but not fully ready to emerge back into "normal" life. For us, it's made for a lot of slow and relaxed weekends at home, interspersed with long walks to bakeries and coffee shops, farmer's market strolls, and stops by local plant nurseries; activities helping us ease back into public life and into the spring season.

There's also something romantic about this time of year, full of hope and the promise of new beginnings. And we're leaning into that feeling with lots of soft florals, breezy effortless attire, and garden party vibes.

These planters add a touch more whimsy than your typical terracotta pots, and this rose gold watering can is so simple and pretty that it could stay out on display in your garden.

We've been eyeing this sweet, hand painted berry bowl for some time - it would look so pretty holding fresh berries for morning pancakes or as dessert toppings.

These striped melamine plates, paired with these floral etched glasses, are both perfect for warm weather outdoor entertaining (and super practical since both are made of durable materials!)

We haven't been able to stop thinking about this beautiful dress since we came across it - only $20! And this floral blouse is another breathable and romantic option with the most perfect spring color scheme. You could pair either one with this hair ribbon to really play into the garden party vibe, or opt for a summer hat like this one to offer some protection from the sun.

If temperatures haven't quite hit outdoor entertaining levels where you live, consider bringing spring touches indoors - with some fresh flowers or an easier to care for faux olive tree like this one! And last but not least, these scalloped, rattan chairs are so pretty they look like they were made for a doll house.

We hope you're having a low key but romantic, garden party worthy weekend.


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