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Spring Things and New Beginnings

Things have been a little quiet over here as I've navigated some major life changes (moving, buying a new house!) - but I'm feeling inspired and ready to channel some of my creative energy back into this website.

I have a ton of home finds to share since that's what I've been focused on lately. I absolutely love the look of this lounge chair (a perfect Maiden Home Dune Chair dupe), but after some research and measuring, went with these chairs for my living room since we preferred something that could swivel. They are so comfy and really brighten up the space, though TBD on how long it will take us to regret white chairs with a toddler.

These scalloped storage baskets are so cute and I'm bummed they sold out before I could snag any, but Zara has a tendency to restock, so I'm keeping an eye out.

I also pulled the trigger on this beautiful textured jute rug for our dining room. I was initially intimidated by the fact that you have to sew the squares together yourself, but I'm finally feeling up for the challenge. I'll report back on how difficult and time consuming it really is.

And if you're on the Internet, you're probably tired of hearing about Rick Rubin's new book, but I gave in and purchased it since I've heard nothing but rave reviews, and candidly, my bookshelves are looking a little sad and bare post-move.

Links to the rest of the items on my spring wish list are below. Anyway, I'm happy to be back here and excited to share all of the things that are inspiring me as a make my new house into a home. Hope you'll follow along!

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