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Mother’s Day “Stay Home” Gift Guide

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Many of the holidays and special occasions we’ll be celebrating this year are going to look different from years past, and Mother’s Day is no exception. That doesn’t mean we should treat them as any less important (if anything, it’s become apparent just how important it is to show appreciation for your loved ones), but it does mean we may need to get more creative with how we celebrate.

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifting, quarantine or not, you really can’t go wrong with flowers, wine, or a thoughtful card expressing gratitude for the many sacrifices your mother - or whoever you may be celebrating - has made for you. But in case you do need some creative ideas for quarantine gifting, we’ve rounded up twelve “stay home” inspired gifts to help make your loved ones feel appreciated and cared for, even from afar.

one - This woven basket would be perfect for a mom that loves beach days or trips to the farmer’s market, and until then, hanging it on a door handle makes it a functional and pretty storage solution (we use one to store grocery bags in the kitchen!)

two - For those moms that love to cook or suddenly have the time to learn how, a cookbook that reflects their personal tastes (a favorite cuisine, inspired by a favorite city, etc.) is a thoughtful gift idea. We recently ordered this cookbook because it not only has rave reviews and covers our favorite cuisine, but it’s also pretty enough to display on a kitchen shelf.

three - For the tea-loving moms, this copper tea kettle is another very practical, but insanely beautiful kitchen item that is worthy of keeping out on display.

four - We only recently discovered Brightland olive oils, but it’s easy to see why foodies and designers alike are so taken with it. The bottles are pretty enough to leave out on the counter and re-use as vases, and if the reviews are accurate, the taste is sure to be as good as the design. (We placed our first order last week, so we’ll be sure to report back on the flavor!) If this is something you think your mom would appreciate, you can use this referral link to receive $10 off your first order.

five - Like most people, your mom has probably been washing her hands more often than normal - which means she might appreciate an indulgent and hydrating lotion to help soothe dry skin. This is one of our favorites. Another idea is to gift her a set of soap and lotion that will make the entire hand washing ritual feel a bit more luxurious.

six - If your mom enjoys gardening or just likes to cook with fresh herbs, this beautiful fluted planter would be perfect for a sunny kitchen window or kitchen counter. Here’s a more affordable option, which would be a cute gift to pair with some seeds or to drop by with some herbs already planted in it to get her started.

seven - An obvious but always appreciated gift is any beauty regimen or self care set that will encourage your mom to continue to devote time to her own beauty rituals at home, even if she can’t make it to her usual salon or spa. This trio of luxurious rose and coconut products is a perfect option to help your mom nourish and hydrate her skin.

eight (similar), nine, ten - It’s no secret that many of us have been favoring our “comfy clothes” more often than not in recent weeks. What better time to gift your mom an upgrade to her slippers, robe, or loungewear? If your mom already has the loungewear covered, consider helping her upgrade her sleep routine with a silk pillowcase or silk eye mask.

eleven - Another useful gift when your mom is spending more time than usual at home and indoors is a nice candle in one of her favorite scents. If you aren’t sure what scent she might enjoy, you usually can’t go wrong with a pick from Diptyque or Anthropologie.

twelve - If your mom is a fitness guru, or has hinted she might be interested in starting a workout routine, you could consider gifting her some at home workout equipment or a fitness app subscription. These weights are much easier on the eye than your typical set of silver and grey dumbbells, and there are similarly stylish yoga mats and workout gear that might give her the inspiration she needs to get started.

However you choose to celebrate this Mother's Day, wishing you and your loved ones safety, health, and happiness during these crazy times!


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