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Pretty and Practical Coffee Table Books for Your Home

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In my mind, coffee table books should be two things: pretty and practical. By practical, I mean there has to be content, ya know, on the inside, that makes the book worth picking up on occasion. These don’t need to be books that you want to sit and consume cover to cover, but there should be enough inspiring content that they aren’t just serving as coasters or dust collectors on your coffee table. I own three of the above books and have the other three on my wish list. I personally like to enjoy coffee table books bit by bit, so anytime I’m sitting on the couch with my coffee on a weekend morning feeling unsure of how to make the most of the day ahead - I’ll pick up one of these books and immediately find inspiration in the pages.

“Styled” by Emily Henderson is a perfect example of pretty and practical. Not only is the cover pleasing to the eye, but inside there’s a personal style quiz that helps you identify and guide your interior design style by matching it with complementary styles. I (inadvertently at first) left a sheet of paper with my score and design style results when I first purchased the book, and now whenever I pick it up and retake the quiz, it’s fun and interesting to track how my personal taste gradually shifts over time.

Did I miss any gems? I’d love to hear some of your favorites! x


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